Do It Yourself Ideas

Natural Wood Perches

At the rescue, we make our own natural wood perches. This saves us money and allows the birds to have unique perches that are healthy for the health of their feet. Be careful when trying this and practice extreme caution in picking out the perches because some types of trees are toxic to parrot. Here is a link to an excellent website that lists bird-safe trees and basic instructions on how to make your own perches: Make Your Own Perch


Every so often, at our parrot education classes, we make a healthy food mix for our birds which is finely chopped in order to supply our birds with a diverse diet so they can eat healthier. Here is our recipe: CHOP Recipe


You can save a lot of money and still keep your parrot entertained by making bird toys at home! Below is a gallery of all the toys that Parrot Toy Angels made for us and some toys we have made ourselves. They are all a perfect example of what you can make yourself! Click on any image to enlarge and browse through the gallery.